Q: Why is Joel called the gentleman magician?
A: Joel is first and foremost a gentleman. He treats everyone with respect and kindness. He believes what a famous magician of the past said, "People don't mind being fooled by a gentleman."

Q: Joel's entertainment is described as sophisticated, what does that mean?
A: Joel entertains primarily at adult venues like banquets, cocktail parties, birthday parties, corporate events and dinner parties. His entertainment is geared toward intelligent adults. Also, Joel works clean, his performances are suitable for one's grandmother.

Q: How does Joel dress when he performs, does he wear a costume?
A: Joel wears a coat & tie most of the time. For casual events he'll dress "business casual." For formal events he wears a tuxedo. Joel does not wear a theatrical costume.

Q: How much does Joel charge for his services?
A: Joel's fees are based on a number of factors such as what the event is, how many people he will have to entertain, how long he will work (some corporate events are four days or more, retreats are longer). How far will Joel will have to travel, etc. At the low end, his fees start at $300.

Q: Are there events Joel will not work?
A: Yes, keg parties, bachelor parties and the like. Joel provides clean, sophisticated funny entertainment for ladies and gentlemen, he does not work crude, uncoth events.